My Interests

Graphic Design
Web Design
For The Love of Programming

Programming is the language of the future. I like programming something on the computer, the little codes that exacting my brain. I try to organize every moment of my life by algorithm.

My Head is Above 30000 ft

Everything about aviation, million dollar giant birds flying in the sky, I love them! My biggest dream is to become the brain who flies a jumbo jet one day.

I'm Waiting Where the Words End

Although I'm not pretty sure but I assume that you understand me this time, I'm waiting for you here, where the words end.

Who Am I?

Where did I come from? Where am I going to?
  • A Student

    I'm a poor student who is struggling in the education system in Turkey and devotes his every minute to learn something useful.

  • An IT Expert in His Own Way

    The time I spend on computer is more than I spend with people. Computers are stupid machines, they do what I say and they don't do anything that dissappoints me. That's why I trust computers more than people. I try to make the computers safer, more fluent and more beautiful in terms of hardware and software.

  • Dedicated and Determined

    A person who is trying to live the every moment of life, who becomes happy with the slightest piece of hope and who can't ignore even the slightest problems, struggle until he solves them.

  • Friend

    A fair and foul weather -friend who values people and expects the same from them.









    My Story

    Everybody has a story, some has thousands of them.
    Yayın yok.
    Yayın yok.


    Best Squares or rectangulars (shall we say?) chosen about my life!
    Harun İstenci İstanbul Beşiktaş Ortaköy Mosque

    A peaceful view after a tiring day. İstanbul Big Mecidiye Mosque or else the famous Ortaköy Mosque.

    İstanbul / Beşiktaş
    Harun İstenci İstanbul / Aviation Museum

    You have a lot to tell me...

    İstanbul / Aviation Museum
    Harun İstenci İstanbul / Atatürk Airport

    My mind is always on the air! I must be close to my dreams...

    İstanbul / Atatürk Airport
    Harun İstenci Ankara / Çankaya

    Ankara Education Technologies Summit 2017

    Ankara / Çankaya TR
    Harun İstenci Denizli / Laodikeia

    Laodikeia Ancient City, situated in 6km north of Denizli. It's a quite big ancient city.

    Denizli / Laodikeia TR
    Harun İstenci Muğla / Marmaris

    Marmaris, One of the wonderful places in Muğla, very beautiful

    Muğla / Marmaris TR
    Harun İstenci İzmir / Bergama

    Pergamon, a historical place there are many historical sites there, most well known is Acropolis on a commanding hill on Pergamon.

    İzmir / Pergamon TR
    Harun İstenci İzmir / Konak

    In fact there aren't many things to talk about it. It should be seen only because it is an iconic square of İzmir.

    İzmir / Konak TR
    Harun İstenci Fransa / Paris Eyfel kulesi

    A city, built on love and wine. Watching the Paris view from the first floor of Eiffel Tower at sunset. Inexplicible, you should experience it.

    France / Paris FR
    Harun İstenci Fransa / Strasbourg

    Strasbourg, one of the historical cities of France and it is home for European Council and European Parliament. It was enlisted to the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1988.

    France / Strasbourg FR
    Harun İstenci Almanya / Baden-Württemberg - Heidelberg

    Heidelberg, The oldest university of Germany, the Heidelberg University which was founded in 1386 is in this city. It is a picturesque city with Neckar rivere that divides the city in to two parts and the palace.

    Germany / Baden-Württemberg - Heidelberg DE
    Harun İstenci Almanya / Baden-Württemberg - Mannheim

    The Wasserturm you see behind me is among the important symbols of Mannheim.

    Germany / Baden-Württemberg - Mannheim DE

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